Alien Sex Fiend - A Purple Glistener / Liquid Head In Tokyo DVD

(full version)

Cherry Red / 2005

"Liquid Head In Tokyo / A Purple Glistener" features two shows capturing the band at their creative heights. "Liquid Head In Tokyo" features the band live with a full show filmed during their 1985 tour of Japan, whilst "A Purple Glistener" is a classic show filmed during the Fiends UK tour of 1983.
Emerging from the early 1980’s Punk Goth movement, Alien Sex Fiend soon became leaders of the genre, gaining a substantial following both at home and around the world. The band are extremely popular in Germany and the far east and have toured with rock luminary Alice Cooper.


Liquid Head In Tokyo
01. R.I.P
02. Dead & Buried
03. Back to The Egg
04. E.S.T
05. Crazy
06. Hee Haw
07. Ignore The Machine
08. In God We Trust

A Purple Glistener
09. New Christian Music
10. R.I.P.
11. Wild Women
12. I'm Not Mad
13. I Am A Product
14. Drive My Rocket (Up Uranus)
15. Wish I Woz A Dog
16. Ignore The Machine
17. Eddies Ghost