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various artists - Mehr Licht! compilation I
unreleased CD-R with magazine (1999)
[Chrome Yellow cCY902]

As I'm going through all the stuff I did with Mehr Licht! fanzine and as I'm moving and my house is a mess so it's difficult to process things to upload, I decided to share this compilation.
It was thought of to be distributed with issue #9 of Mehr Licht! - the first one written in english and the first one with CD-R (also including enhanced session with site and pdfs). The layout of the fanzine was completed, the permissions to use the songs on the CD-R were obtained but none hit the streets. It all became too big and complicated to continue with.
This can be a taster to many bands. Midnight Call are completely unknown but extremely brilliant - they've only released two 7" singles and one track on a compilation - they are perhaps a good choice for future postings. Mão Morta are a 23 year old Portuguese distinctively cult band. Womb released two albums and then nothing. It's mentor and almost single member is now in Naevus. Fallen Apart explore the good old 80's gothic rock, they're perhaps more known but also with few releases. Passion Noire and The Shroud are perhaps more well-known and The Garden Of Delight need no introduction.

01 Womb - Cyan Circles Revolving
02 Womb - The Cry
03 Fallen Apart - Hey Friend
04 Fallen Apart - Out On The Streets
05 The Shroud - Day And Night
06 The Shroud - Pixy-led
07 Passion Noire - Don't Close Your Heart
08 Passion Noire - Warm You Up
09 The Garden Of Delight - Spiral Dance
10 The Garden Of Delight - Empire Of The Sun
11 Midnight Call - Sunshine
12 Midnight Call - Simple Silence
13 Mão Morta - E Se Depois
14 Mão Morta - Floresta Em Sonho

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Nothing (Important)

Rosetta Stone - Nothing maxiCD (1994)
[Minority/One Records CD MIN 101]

Rosetta Stone was one of the last great bands (Suspiria being the last one). They kept the real goth spirit but always reinventing and up to date. I was close to see them live once at the Infest Festival in Bedford (August 1998). I was in London and when I went to purchase a ticket I was informed they had cancelled their appearance. So I didn't attend neither. Two months later, at the Withby gothic weekend they announced the break-up. This last gig is also available on the net.
This first download post is of a 3"maxiCD that I was looking after for a long time. Eventually I did find it on eMule one month ago as a bin/cue file.
I think this is a brilliant way to start my posts. The title track is from their (at the time) postponed Hiding In Waiting album. They had problems with their label and there was a remixed reissue called Hiding In Waiting revised editon 1.1 shortly after.
Although the extra tracks are nothing important this release contains an otherwise unavailable cover of The Beatles' (Charles Manson) Helter Skelter and introduces us to what was to be the future of the band - Porl King doing remixes and covers for tribute albums. It comes coupled with yet another remix of Adrenaline and another of Nothing.

Porl King's site
Innactive site


1 Nothing (4:45)
2 Adrenaline (Again) (4:55)
3 Helter Skelter (4:38)
4 Nothing (Important) (4:43)

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Here I hope to post more than once a week some music to download.

No specific genres, no pigeonholing. My taste dictates the picking. You may find gothic rock, darkwave, dark-folk, martial, industrial, electronic, synth-pop, coldwave, deathrock, ebm, shoegazing, punk, post-punk, new wave, positive punk, minimal, noise, and so on.

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