re-upload #7

Well. Many people complained about zShare and today it was the final straw. I received an email saying the Gary Marx / Eldritch 1995 collaboration was no longer available. I checked and it showed a page stating four possible reasons: 1) The file expired because it was not downloaded for 60 days (not this one as I had records that it was downloaded this month), 2) The file was deleted by its owner (I did not), 3) The file was deleted by zSHARE because it didn't comply with our Terms of Use (only this one?), 4) Our server turned evil and is now rebelling against us (not likely) ...
So I decided to upload this one to RapidShare

Gary Marx - Nineteen Ninety Five And Nowhere (2007)
[D-Monic d-m004]

[original post]

01 Blindfold (3:39)
02 Default (3:13)
03 Idiot Nation (3:33)
04 1995 (3:47)
05 Open Season (3:34)
06 Dumb (4:16)
07 Black Eyes Faith (3:55)
08 Zapruder (3:06)
09 Sound And Sound (3:45)
10 Blood Moon (3:23)
mp3 ; total:36'07"

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Diary Of Dreams - (if) (2009)
[Accession Records A111]

I found this today (friday the 13th, date of release) on the html-web but a few hours later it was removed...
So here it is again for your enjoyment.
This is a 2CD special edition. I don't know if the street date is the same for this release.

Accession Records

01 the Wedding
02 Requiem 4.21
03 Odyssey Asylum
04 Poison Breed
05 Wahn!Sinn?
06 the Colors of Grey
07 Choir Hotel
08 the Chain
09 King of Nowhere
10 21 Grams of Nothing
11 Mind over Matter
12 Kingdom of Greed

limited edition CD2:
01 Momentum
02 Regicide
03 The Saint
04 Never Tell The Widow

mp3 vbr; total:86'01"

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The Cramps

Lisboa, Campo Pequeno

On the heels of posting concerts in Portugal (which I did not attend) I decided to post also this one, recently acquired.

It's my way of paying homage to Lux Interior.

This was the first time The Cramps played in Portugal (they've returned once since) and was held at a bullfight arena. At the end Lux disappeared into a hole on the stage done by himself with the mikestand.

Check the beautiful initial page at thecramps.com

01-Cramps Stomp
02-Love Me
04-Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon
05-God Monster
06-It Thing Hard On
07-Goo Goo Muck
08-Teenage Werewolf
09-Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs
10-What's Inside A Girl
11-Hot Pearl Snatch
12-TV Set
13-Psychotic Reaction
14-Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
15-Human Fly
16-Surfin' Bird

mp3 192kbps; total:73'16"

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Porridge as puke

Psychic TV (PTV3)
Porto, Teatro Sá da Bandeira

I'm always looking for live recordings in Portugal from the most diverse bands that I may like. Today I found in the bluebird p2p software this recording of the third incarnation of the reverencial third incarnation of Psychic TV. As I'd never seen it before on any music blog I immediately decided to post it.
However I found it strange and googled it. One blog I happen to follow (the great Because God Told Me To Do It) had already posted it. However the link had been removed and therefore I decided I should go with the initial plan nonetheless.
Reports say that only few hundred people attended. If the tickets were cheaper I guess many other would come. I was working as a madman at the time and at some distance from Porto so my escuse wasn't just the price...
I decided not to put an image of the reGenesis as a woman... the above picture is from the tour shirt

Genesis site

Just Like Arcadia
Hookah Chalice
New York Story
Maximum Swing
Guitar Noise
Higher And Higher
The Story Tellers
Just Because
Lies And Then
mp3128kbps; total:108'15"

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The Birthday Party - Fast Forward #2 dec80
[cassette zine]

Fast Forward was an Australian audio magazine with booklet. It's number two, released in December 1980, includes an interview with Nick Cave & Rowland S. Howard of The Birthday Party and 2 tracks. "Figure Of Fun" is a demo and "Yard" was taken from their first Peel session. By this time The Birthday Party was returning down under after a few months based in London. Also by this time 4AD released their first records, back in London, after their releases as The Boys Next Door with Australian Missing Link, including the album "The Birthday Party".

mySpace tribute

1. introduction
2. The Birthday Party - "Figure Of Fun" demo
3. interview Nick Cave & Roland Howard
The Birthday Party - "Yard"

mp3 192kbps; total:12'26"

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Октябрь черный

Oktober Black - Black October (1999)
[Avatar666 / Reaping Host]

Solo project by Paulo Martins (Träume, Archétypo 120, as well as many others - some day a family tree will be made). October Black gave its first steps in 1996 and then perished in favour of other projects. In this recording Paulo Martins was helped by Johan Aernus (Wolfskin, Kar, Karnnos, etc) with samplers and effects.
Partly instrumental this project dwells within folk fog and pure guitars in short, coherent and poignant tracks.
This was originally a cassette, then transposed into CD, refurbishing the cover.

vimaranes @ mySpace
Archétypo 120 @ mySpace
Träume @ mySpace

1. Ritual Dusk
2. Vapour Trail Of Your Dreams
3. Faraway (Take Me)
4. Homage
5. Desert Wind

mp3 320kbps; total:12'24"

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Was ist die Postleitzahl?

Funeral Address - Funeral Address CDR (2001)
a.k.a. The Collection [self released]


This is request #7. Funeral Address evolved into Fallen Apart. In 2001 the band released this on CDR. The first half was recorded in 1990 and the other in 1992.

not even the old Fallen Apart site is up anymore...

01. Orange Flight
02. Black Hills
03. Everyday
04. Collecting
05. Simulation
06. 1918
07. Beware
08. Destination Brain
09. T.V. Fascination
10. Strange Stuff
11. The Walls
12. Far Away

mp3 192kbps; total:53'40"

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zShare still works.
I had complaints that zShare was no longer working as back as December but there are still people managing to download my files from it today...
I don't want to host on RapidShare or MegaUpload because of their waste removal time rules...

From Peel To Eternity

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
John Peel Session 1984

Nick Cave only recorded two sessions for the John Peel BBC Radio1 show. One in March 1984 (25 years ago) and another in 2001. I found the former today (as well as the latter but who gives a fuck!?). It's amazing, or fantastic as everyone says nowadays. In this time of pseudo-crisis, rejoice.
This was recorded on March 28th and broadcasted on April 9th 1984. Only three tracks but long ones. And great too. Nick Cave's first album (From Her To Eternity) was yet to be released, in June. This was probably recorded as Nick Cave And The Cavemen, following a string of gigs played between December and January as "Nick Cave - Man Or Myth?"
Accompanying Nick Cave was Mick Harvey on drums, Blixa an Hugo Race on guitars and Barry Adamson on bass. As Mick announced a few weeks ago his leaving from the band, none of them are still with Nick...
On March 30th, the first four albums will be re-released with some few extra tracks (digitally remastered, and so and so) but he/they forgot to include these recordings...

Just two final notes.
I'm back...
I like the photo ;-)

01 I Put A Spell On You
02 From Her To Eternity
03 Saint Huck
mp3 128kbps; total:17'06"

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