A little something

It's Christmas so I leave here a little something:

Those Barren Leaves rehearsing "The Mountain" at the end of 1995.


free direct download

Misery Lab - VaporWare EP (2007)
[Carbon Digital]

Do you remember Porl King? Rosetta Stone?
Go to his MySpace and download for free his new 4track EP.
Great music as we would expect from him.

[In case you don't know and I didn't. I downloaded the tracks before I new they were for free with a Firefox addon and they were 96kbps!... But if you have a MySpace user ID you can download the tracks easily with 256kbps...]

MiseryLab @ MySpace

01_No Cure For Life
02_Raze It To The Ground
03_All There Is
04_Romance Is Manipulation
mp3 256kbps; total:15'56"


Stunned, Immaculate

Children On Stun - Celebration Drug CDsingle (1995)
[M&A MusicArt MACD 502]

Produced in two days.
Mixed by Porl Young (Rosetta Stone).


Whiskey A-Go-Go (Black Fluff On The Bell End Mix) (3:42)
Celebration (Chocolate Starfish Mix) (3:50)
Overland (Album Version) (4:36)
The Hipster (Chocolate Speedway Mix) (4:30)
mp3 320kbps; total:16'38"

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
39,65MB RAR includes 5% recovery record

Links corrected

The MediaFire download links to Escape With Romeo, The Fall Of Because and Clan Of Xymox (part 2) are now corrected.
Sorry for the delay


request #4

Lowlife - The Black Sessions And Demos LP (1988)
[Nightshift - Lolif demo 1] ltd edt of 250 copies

Do you like that amazing early Cocteaus sound? Part of the secret was Will Heggie's bass. After the release of Garlands he left the Cocteaus and teamed up with hometown psychobilly band Dead Neighbours who also released an album and lost the bass player. They still released another album under Dead Neighbours but another line-up change made them chose another name and a different style. Lowlife was born taking its name from a P.I.L. song.
This album is not a proper album but it's official. I remember I got it from their original site. They put some songs from their discography to download but you could check the entire index folder where the songs were allocated... and all the tracks from this album were there despite the site only giving the address to two of them...


01 River Of Woe
02 Where I Lay I'll Lie
03 Missing The Kick
04 The Beggars Burning Bush
05 Moved To Tears
06 Bittersweet
07 Forever Filthy
08 Neverending Shroud
09 We The Cheated
10 Acrid Tongue

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
41,16MB RAR includes 5% recovery record


Halloween Night Six Years Ago...

Clan Of Xymox - Portuguese Mosquitoes
Gaia, Hard Club 31oct2001 [PORTUGAL]

[Chrome Yellow cCY01001]

This was recorded by yours truly with a Sony MZ-R35 miniDisc walkman and a Sony ECM-DS70P stereo digital microphone


01 Stranger
02 Doubts
03 Jasmine And Rose
04 Liberty
05 A Day
06 Louise
07 Number 1
08 This World
09 Muscovite Mosquito
10 Michelle
11 Going Round '97
Out Of The Rain
Taste Of Medicine
Back Door
Cry In The Wind
mp3 256kbps; total:63'00"

I'm not 100% sure of the order in the encores.
Unfortunately, I had a problem recording the encores because I left the miniDisc switch on pause! So you won't enjoy the incridible Back Door... I'm not 100% sure of the order in the encores.

As I decided to keep this in its original mp3 backup bitrate and it takes more than the 100MB MediaFire allows for a single file, you have to download two files - the first one is the opening track and has no password...
Part One 13,94MB RAR
Part Two ((re)corrected link) 96,88 MB [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
96,88MB RAR


request #3

Escape With Romeo - Come Here White Light (2001)
[Zeitklang z001]

First release of Pink Turns Blue guitarrist and singer Thomas Elbern's band on their own Zeitklang label.
Riders On The Storm is, of course, a The Door's cover.

official site

Come Here White Light (3:30)
Black River (4:37)
Seeing Is Believing (4:25)
Godz Look Down On Us (3:55)
Ghost In The Machine (4:53)
Spooky Girl (5:36)
Exterminate (4:25)
Crossing The Last Frontier (4:00)
Addiction (3:40)
Riders On The Storm (4:26)

mp3 192kbps; total:43'20"

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
62,09 MB RAR includes 5% recovery record

request #2

Escape With Romeo - Love Alchemy (2002)
[Zeitklang z003]

Escape With Romeo - Anteroom For Your Love CDs (2002)
[Zeitklang z002]

Track #10 (Skeletons) is a The Sound cover.

official site


Problem Child (4:36)
Anteroom For Your Love (3:36)
Master Our Lips Are Sealed (4:29)
Walking On Water (4:51)
I Don't Love You Anymore (3:43)
Abandoned (4:01)
Can I Count On You? (3:41)
Rollercoaster (3:42)
Prisoner Of Your Love (3:42)
Skeletons (3:06)
I Can Only Change Myself (4:04)
Waiting In The Wings (3:56)

mp3 192 kbps; total:47'20"

Anteroom For Your Love (Original Mix) (3:37)
Anteroom For Your Love (T.O.Y. Mix) (3:37)
Anteroom For Your Love (Unterwelt Mix) (6:00)
Anteroom For Your Love (Darkroom Mix) (3:58)

mp3 192 kbps; total:17'12"

download both (corrected link) [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
92,45 MB RAR includes 5% recovery record

Gott fleisch

The Fall Of Because - Life Is Easy CD [(1986) rr 1999]
[Invisible INV 9042]


just a few things that mean a lot about this band
The Fall Of Because got their name from a song on Killing Joke's second album (What's This For...! 1981)
The band disintegrated in 1987 when Justin left Napalm Death to play drums for Head Of David, but got back together soon after and changed their name to Godflesh.
Tracks 9 through to 11 are live recordings.



Life Is Easy
Middle Amerika
Ecstacy Of Hate
Fight Show
Empire Of Lies
Christian Motherfucker
Ecstacy Of Hate)
Xmas Special
Life Is Easy

mp3 vbr; total:73'16"

corrected link [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
98,94 MB RAR includes 5% recovery record


Insert pun here

Creaming Jesus - Ditch Dweller V...The Story Continues EP (1991)
[Jungle Records JUNG 57CD]

This is also somewhat hard to find. For those of you who don't know Creaming Jesus, they were very popular amongst the goth crowd in the early nineties. Their style is something of a crossover goth/hardcore and it got them many fans with a string of EPs and the "too fat to run too stupid to hide" 1991 album and got (in)famous with their covers of The Cure's "A Forest" and Sisters' "Temple Of Love" [dubbed Temple Of Shite] which inspired quite a few laughs.

Creaming Jesus page at Jungle Records

1 Stray Toasters (2:41)
2 Temple Of Shite (8:46)
3 Skinny Head (For Ben + Flo) (2:37)
mp3 192kbps 13'58"

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
20,17MB includes 5% recovery record
{link reposted}



Tuxedomon - Vapour Trails (2007)

[Crammed CBOY 1616]

This has just come out [September 07th]. I haven't seen it yet on other blogs and almost nowhere else online, for that matter, so I'm delivering it.
Tuxedomoon are the most european of any american band hence their uniqueness. They're celebrating 30 years this year (if you still don't know them what have you been up to?) with the release of a triple CD+DVD box set called "77o7 tm".
The three CD are this new album ["Vapour Trails"], a compilation of demos and live tracks 1977-1997 ["Unearthed: Lost Cords"] and a concert recorded in Portalegre (Portugal) on 16feb07 ["162o7 (39°N 7°W)"].
The 160min long DVD is called "Unearthed: Found Films" and comprises archive and unreleased material (1977-1988) including Ghost Sonata.
For more info visit: Crammed Records

official site

1 Muchos Colours (5:26)
2 Still Small Voice (5:26)
3 Kubrick (7:15)
4 Big Olive (6:25)
5 Dark Temple (7:07)
6 Dizzy (6:43)
7 Epso Meth Lama (9:11)
8 Wading Into Love (4:26)
mp3 128kbps total: 51'56"

reposted link[PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
46,7 MB


land of the f**e, home of the BRAVE

"At the end of the month remember that we work for you, Mr Bush"


dreimal im Peel-land

Xmal Deutschland - the other 3 peel sessions

The first band allowed a second coming and because of their name I foresee more appearances...
These are the three sessions Xmal Deutschland recorded for the late John Peel BBC Radio1 show, prior to the one [april 85] that got an official release.
Once again the quality is not the best but...

First Peel Session - recorded 25nov82
01_Incubus Succubus
04_Zinker (aka stummes kind)
Second Peel Session - recorded 22jun83
05_In Motion (¿ Träume ?)
Third Peel Session - recorded 11apr84
10_Tag Für Tag
total: 49'34" 192kbps

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
73,9 MB includes 5% recovery record


Ikon - I Never Wanted You CDs (2004)
[Nile Records Australia NIL 014]

This is something I didn't know existed. So I thought: "I'll post it". This is in the vein of the later 'electro-trance-ghost in my head' Ikon era. It's worth comes from the yet another Death In June cover - Come Before Christ And Murder Love (after their earlier powerful rendition of Fall Apart).

Drown me with your sorrow
Taint me with your treason

To find your god is hollow
Brings death to all reason

Wolf grey adonis
A cruel life dawns
Curse me with obessiveness
Fultility and scorn

Moved to speak?
You made your choice
We had our chance
And lost our voice

Your alleyway, your terror
Glistens in dispair
Dead meat and error
The only crown I'll wear

From the ashes of liars
Grow the flowers of hope
From the steeples and spires
Hang each tear from a rope

Moved to speak?
You made your choice
We had our chance
And lost our voice

official site (¿outdated?)


1 I Never Wanted You (Version) (3:44)
2 Sinister (4:28)
3 Evil Ways (3:28)
4 Come Before Christ And Murder Love (3:10)
5 Psychic Vampire (Angelspit Remix) (3:48)
total: 19'11" - 192kbps

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
28,6 MB includes 5% recovery record


Deutschland über Janice

Xmal Deutschland - Janice Long session 1986

Nothing needs to be said about Xmal Deutschland. Here's their 1986 Janice Long session. I've just got it. I've got no more details on the date. The sound is not good but it's better than nothing.

Sickle Moon
If Only
[mp3 192kbps]

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
(RAR 22,6 MB includes 5% recovery record)


White No. 13 [100 ears]

Glenn Branca - Symphony No. 13 (Hallucination City: : Symphony for 100 Guitars)
Performed June 13, 2001 in New York City

I had to upload this to share with someone who asked me to because he couldn't find it anywhere else and my SoulSeek kept giving him errors. So I thought I should do a post about it.
I prefer not to write about Mr Branca because his work speaks for himself. For more than 30 years he's been trying to change the way to experience guitar listening. Many bands were sub-sub...subinfluenced by him. By this I mean that he influenced bands that in their turn influenced other bands which influenced many others. Thurston Moore and Lee Renaldo from Sonic Youth and Michael Gira (Swans) began their careers playing within his ensemble.
Just like Rhys Chatham he composes symphonies to be played by dozens (or hundred guitars).
On June 13th Glenn performed the world premiere of "Symphony #13 (Hallucination City)"for 100 guitars produced by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council as part of "EveningStars" at the former World Trade Center, originally commissioned by The Mission for the Year 2000, Paris. Glenn said "The piece was a resounding success and we got a standing ovation. At least that's what I'm told. I didn't notice."

for info on the 100 guitar players please refer to: www.glennbranca.com

Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3
Movement 4
(128 kbps 65'52")

download [no pass]
[59,05 MB]


Obsession Whispers Into The Dark Progress

Siglo XX - Live Sides LP (1984)
[Antler ANT 031-2]

This is another forgotten band. Their sound is exquisitely unique. Someone pins them to the french cold-wave but to me they sounded like Siglo XX... (as Clan Of Xymox sounded like Clan Of Xymox back in 1985, and like other bands did sound like themselves). Besides that they were Belgian.
Belgian people, in general, and artists in particular, tend to be very true to themselves thus achieving really singular works. That's why they were ripped off by the spanish in the past and masochistically use spanish words today.
Well, I don't know who ripped these Belgians but He did good...
This is a live LP recorded early in their career. We could say that, as it was recorded and released way before their major three albums: Flowers For The Rebels (1987); Fear And Desire (1988) and Under A Purple Sky (1989)
Together with "Siglo XX" (mLP) [Antler ANT 031-1], Live Sides makes up the 1984 'Double Album' (2xLP) [Antler ANT 031] - The 5 tracks from "Siglo XX" can be found on the 1987 "Antler Tracks I" compilation CD [Antler ANT 087].

bio and discog at SWerquin.net
bio and discog at The Belgian Pop & Rock Archives
MySpace tribute

Fools (Live In Amsterdam 03-02-84) (4:24)
Obsession (Live In Amsterdam 03-02-84) (4:18)
Whispers (Live In Beverlo 28-01-83) (4:40)
Room (Live In Sittard 11-11-83) (5:38)
Birds (Live In Leiden 16-01-82) (4:54)
Into The Dark (Live In Leiden 16-01-82) (3:50)
Progress (Live In Den Haag 08-01-82) (4:19)
The Beginning (Live In Sittard 11-11-83) (4:02)
The Art Of War (Live In Sittard 11-11-83) (3:19)
[128kbps - 60'18"]

[57,14 MB includes 5% recovery record]


Volk Ju(n)gend

Archétypo 120 - Obsession
[promo CD]

I'm posting this at the request of my friend Vimaranes. It's a promo CD of his band. It's an advance of their album recorded by David Reis (In tempus / ex-Phantom Vision), last year in his studios on Quinta do Conde and produced by Pedro Morcego (Phantom Vision) at Batcave Studios, Amadora.
The band is three years old and comprises two members: Tó (programming, electric and portuguese guitars, bass) and Paulo Martins (lyrics, vocals, portuguese and electric guitars, percussion, some programming, backing vocals; bass). In this record they've had the help of David Reis (percussion) and Pedro Morcego (backing vocals, bass). Tó and Paulo's first band (Anomeos) played in the mythic portuguese venue Rock Rendez Vous in 1989.
They say their style is cold/darkwave even though their major influences could point various directions: The Cure, Fields Of The Nephilim, 4AD, The Chameleons, The Cure, early Ban, Sétima Legião, Joy Division, 4AD, The Cure, New Order, Clan Of Xymox, Death In June, The Cure, french cold wave, 4AD and Trás-os-Montes...
If this wasn't made by someone of my acquaintances I would post it even sooner (should I grab a recording) and would certainly say it was amazing...

Vimaranes @ MySpace

01_Angel's Fall 3'12"
02_Heartache And Death 4'43
encoded at 128kbps

[7,81 MB includes 5% recovery record]


new file host - MediaFire

After complaints about Crocodile and myself verifying it was very confuse besides it took an eternity to upload 26MB, I decided to look for another file share host. I tried Badongo but it took an eternity as well and the Badongo Buddy crashed!
Now I discovered MediaFire. I was surprisingly pleased with the upload part. Please give me some feedback about the download side of it...
I will re-edit the Dream Disciples post to include the MediaFire share url.



This is not a proper post.
It's just about this band I've just discovered and about their site with stuff for download. Check out the media section for the Blacklist EP and a video and two live songs. Also check the EPK section for four more tracks (two of them produced by James Iha of Smashing Pumpkins fame).
Also check out in the stores their new EP Solidaire.

Blacklist official site
Blacklist @ MySpace


Burn These Apples

Dream Disciples - Veil Of Tears (1991)
[Darkcell Music]

Another record I was seeking for a long time. Of course that now that I heard it again it doesn't sound as good as it did 15 years ago (I don't listen to tapes anymore - they're all scattered beneath my bed at my parent's place). Back then this was the new goth. People were reinventing the genre and coming up with many different and interesting things. Now it's all metal...
Nevertheless it still sounds fresh as this trail (of fears, pun intended) was abruptely stopped and no-one nowadays knows this kind of sound.

01. Pray (4:42)
02. Crimson White (3:51)
03. Eternal (5:11)
04. Resting Place (5:40)
05. Lights (2:56)
06. Aradia (5:22)
total running time: 27'42

26,5 MB (includes 5% recovery record)

Crocodile Fears

I got tired of the file deposit I used. It took me too much time to upload and I heard many people had trouble or it took too much time to download. I chose it because the files never expire there, but it's tiresome to use it.
So I'm experimenting with a new site which also leaves the files for a long time.


Songs From The Unclean Womb

Womb - Unclean CD (1999)
[self GFCD/001]

On my return to the posts I thought of something new back from 1999. It's eight-year old new stuff. It's so new it's called Womb, Greg Ferrari's single-minded goth project.
Greg Ferrari was a The Smiths' loving open-minded London goth who made music in his basement with his own electronic devices.
I heard the band (he, his friend Joanne Owen from Leisure Hive, and drum machine/sequancer/tapes) once in the 1998 edition of the Sacrosanct Festival. Despite annoyed with the abusive use of taped guitars (he played one but many other layers were there), I enjoyed their sound and posture in music.
This album came to my hand one year later and proved to be even better.
Greg released another album, "Spiteful Extractions", in 2001, which I'm still looking for [anyone?]
Greg and Joanne are now in Naevus, a well-known dark-folk band with their fifth full length album released last month.


Thirst Movement (1:23)
Dead Line (4:43)
A Nun Like You (4:22)
Pretty Face (Mental Case) (4:01)
Shut (5:31)
Cyan Circles Revolving (4:44)
La Mia Confessione (2:39)
What If And If Only (4:46)
Babies For Sale! (2:35)
Now That I've Paid For You (4:16)
Into My Mouth (4:42)
Scared (7:37)
Unclean (5:15)
The Cry (4:42)

Womb abbandoned site
Womb at MySpace
Naevus site
Naevus at MySpace

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
93,9 MB (includes 5% recovery record and covers)

unbound unwind

Hi there, you music blog seeking leeches.
I'm back and figuring out what to post.
In the meantime just this small note to warn that everything which was allocated at unbound.planetaclix.pt is unavailable [Mehr Licht! fanzine stuff]. It was my old ISP...


Like Dolphins Can Swim

Clan Of Xymox - Heroes EP (18/05/2007)
[Pandaimonium Records Pan-64]

A little something from a once (with comebacks) great band, I picked up a few days ago from www.mp3db.ru

Here's the press release:

Ronny Moorings has reappeared after years out of the spotlight on a cover version that, as expected, showcases his talents. With "Heroes" he takes one of the classics in music history and gives it back to the fans, new and improved. The industrial version of the song is slow, almost melancholic - in other words, typical CLAN OF XYMOX - while the pop version of the original song is more of an homage to his time without the Clan. The first time Ronny performed the song was as a guest singer for PINK TURNS BLUE at Wave Gotik Treffen 2006. "On A Mission" is a brand new track, done in the best tradition of club hits such as “There’s No Tomorrow” or “Weak In My Knees”. This isn't the first time we've said it, and it won't be the last, but no other artist outside of Ronny can get modern Electro sounds out of a guitar for the Dancefloor scene and remain trend free. This is the reason for his longevity and his loyal fanbase. With “Be My Friend”, one of the most successful songs from the “Breaking Point” album comes in a single edit.



1. Heroes (slow industrial version)
2. On A Mission
3. Be My Friend (single version)
4. Heroes (pop version)
5. On A Mission (version)

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
38,2 MB (includes cover and 5% recovery record)

I Just Dropped In (...)

Hello Planet Earth!
I'm still without internet connection. There's too much burocracy here in Portugal...
I'm hijacking someone else's wireless connection ;-) ...
I'll try to post something this way and if the connection holds up I'll keep this running like this until they install my new connection.
Keep dropping by.


Hit The North!

I'm moving so I'll be without internet for at least one month.
But don't despair because when everything is up and running all will be downhill from there...
Cheers and thanks for dropping by...


Rosetta Stone Undead

Rumour has it that Rosetta Stone reunited!!!
Several russian sites are spreading the word and starting demands on eventful for them to play near them.
Their myspace also mentions the petitions made on eventful.
So I started two demands also, for them to play in Portugal.
Se algum Português estiver a ler isto que não perca tempo e vá já pedir para os Rosetta Stone virem tocar a Lisboa e Porto:

Demand it!

Demand it!


Midnight Call

As promised, here's the post with Midnight Call.I became aware of this band's existence when I was a rookie in the net back in 1994. The internet itself was new to the general public and still confined within college grounds. In those days we used orange (or green) and black monocromatic monitors in an unix environment and a few programs. One was 'elm' which was an email client. The other was 'tin', to read newsgroups. In the newsgroups we learnt many musical updates and we could post whatever we wanted. I used to browse through alt.gothic or alt.music.alternative but there were other things like alt.music.lyrics or alt.zines and there were alt.binaries.something to get images and you could also go to ftp sites (through the unix command-line) and get stuff.People used to post lists for trading and at that time I still was into tape trading in which I was iniciated in 1990 and left when the mp3 came along (or shortly after). I once replied to a post of Sisters Of Mercy bootleg videos and at that time I was preparing the first issue of Mehr Licht! so I had a mention to it in my signature. That post was done by one Shawn Keve. He then told me he was the singer in this band, Midnight Call, and if he could send me the one single they had released so far.When he eventually send me the single they already had another one. Both were reviewed in the zine and I praised the band altogether but the b-side to the first one was the one track that captured all my senses. I thought they were going a long way. I kept playing the singles over and over and "Sunshine" always (and still does to this day) made me want to jump, dance, sing, mime the guitar parts, whatever... Here was a band that I had discovered from scratch and that made me feel the same as the ones I worshipped.
They've also contribut
ed with a song (Follow) to the Castle von Buhler 1996 'Soon' Aids Benefit CD, in which each band invited an artist to illustrate their page on the booklet.
The last time I talked to them was when I was planning the release of the
compilation CD to go along with issue #9 and asked them for permission to include two tracks. I wanted to put Sunshine and a new one and if they could send me something. They sent a demo CD-R with four tracks that they were working on to be released in their first album. This was in 1999.
The album was never released and I heard nothing else from them ever since. Their website didn't change either. I gue
ss they called it quits as they were desillusioned with the music medium and all the scenes and what happened in Boston, their hometown. They were so unique that they didn't fit in any scene and didn't want to belong to any lobby (which is what scenes are) either.
Download this and see if you feel the same as I do. And
if you like Midnight Call you can't buy their records but you can listen to this over and over. I think they would appreciate it.
Enjoy / Hear The Call

The Sea b/w Sunshine 7" 331/3rpm (1992)
[Idol Worship Music IDOL009]

A1 - The Sea
B1 - Sunshine

{transparent green vinyl
A side etchings: Shadows Fall Upon The Walls Of My Mind
B side etchings: When I Dream It's All In Black And White}

Perceive b/w I-22 7" 45rpm (1996)[Idol Worship Music IDOL011]

A1 - Perceive
B1 - I-22

{A side etchings: I'm Waiting}

1998 CD-R demo

1 - Wanted
2 - Simple Silence
3 - Outside
4 - Shadow's Fall

stagnated official site

download all three items [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
re/re/re/uploaded 08.III.2013


Another Ripped

Clockwork - Idolized By The Proles tape (1997)
[Chrome Yellow kCY701]

At Vimaranes request I'm posting this tape I compiled once of rare tracks from a band of some friends of mine. Their influences were mainly Sonic Youth and Spacemen 3 and they released 2 full length albums, one 7" and a split7" (as well as contributing tracks to compilations).
Following is the text I wrote when I first ripped the tape to mp3, back in 18jan2001.

This whole story began shortly after the released of their eponymous first album om March '97.
Susanói said they had so many good songs and others in very good versions never released for one reason or another...
We came to the conclusion it could be done and that it was a good and efficient birthday gift to Pastel.
Then I took it upon myself to undertake the task of compiling those songs...
Taborda (Chefe's brother and official repository of their work) had about half a dozen of tapes of theirs comprising live gigs as well as rehearsals and demos. I had three of their concerts on videotape. So it began from there...
My aim was to depict a different side to Clockwork, not available on what was released hitherto.
I managed to put together tracks that never left the rehearsal room, other only played live once, instrumental versions, one cover as well as brilliant live versions of well known but mis-achieved studio tracks.
The A(udio)-side was compiled with Taborda's tapes whereas the B(ideo)-side was taken from my videotapes.
Some songs had a lousy sound quality but what really mattered was the novelty, the freshness, the discovery, the magnificence of it and not so much the quality of the recordings.
The tapes were then recorded, as requests were made, on *Pixie's deck. Side A(udio) from my original compiled side and side B(ideo) from a compiled videotape. Tapes should not be SONY and MAXELL were the supported ones, for its length.
Then I needed to make a cover for the tape. I knew Tipo had some great photos taken at Aveiro the year before. He lent me the photos as well as another one taken by Lights at the launch of Clockwork's album.
I had to scan the photos at Esgar's, their label owner... He closed his eyes and said it was a good idea.
The cover was done using PageMaker, a desktop publishing tool I was already accostumed to.
The tape was 'released' under Chrome Yellow records, my own label, and given the catalogue number kCY 701.
I don't know how many copies were made. Maybe five, maybe six... Only 13 covers were made but I still have a few...
The title of this compilation was inspired on the fact that what we really liked about Clockwork was not depicted on their official releases...

Pastel got his gift more than a month in retard. But he liked and they all got surprised by the whole package and content ans well as the remembrance of some forgotten tracks.

This mp3 version has the same quality as the tape. I only passed the set through a Hum And Hiss removal parametric equalizer and three video tracks (Downtown, Revolution and She's So Cool) were a bit further equalized.

The tracklisting on the tape 'cover' has some incorrections. Here's the correct listing

Audio side {45'40"}
01 intro [1'14"]
02 Spiral Staircase (instrumental) [5'09"]
03 Cimar [5'03"]
04 slow [3'22"]
05 Exp. #2 [7'30"]
06 Won't You Guide Me? [5'38"]
07 Red Wish Girl [4'29"]
08 Exp. #4 [5'46"]
09 fast [2'22"]
10 Xerry (instrumental) [5'07"]

Bideo sideo {46'10"}
11 techno [1'38"]
12 Downtown [1'47"]
13 Spacemen Sonic [9'07"]
14 Red Wish Girl [3'57"]
15 Strawberry Star [5'25"]
16 Revolution [8'29"]
17 She's So Cool [4'17"]
18 Exp. #2 [11'30"]

live tracks were recorded at:
Porto, Palha D'Aço 1998 - 03
Póvoa, Diana Bar 31dec98 - 06;07 (reveillon)
Póvoa, Enseada 22mar97 - 11;13 (first album launch gig)
Póvoa, Tenda 15apr95 - 12;16;17 (Cais Do Rock '95 - 1st)
Póvoa, Tenda 05apr96 - 14;15;18 (Cais Do Rock '96 - 2nd)

Revolution is a Spacemen 3 cover

Clockwork line-up:
Pastel: vox; gtr
Osga: gtr; vox
Chefe: bx
Xarroko: drm; kbd
Pulga: kbd; perc

T.R.T.: 91'50"
encoded at 128kbps
size(mp3 only): 84,2 MB (88.302.656 bytes)



Altered Posts

Dronning Maud Land - Alteration MCD (1994) [Glasnost Records]

Ok, just something to keep the momentum until I find something more interesting to post.
This is also a record that I was looking for some time. It's worth for what it means and for what it meant. And I listened a lot to it when it was released.
I hear the band is still going on these days.

official site

01 Cry For Happy (altered version)
02 Spirits
03 Chains For Fear
04 Roses For Margie (live at Zwischenfall)

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]


more light!

various artists - Mehr Licht! compilation I
unreleased CD-R with magazine (1999)
[Chrome Yellow cCY902]

As I'm going through all the stuff I did with Mehr Licht! fanzine and as I'm moving and my house is a mess so it's difficult to process things to upload, I decided to share this compilation.
It was thought of to be distributed with issue #9 of Mehr Licht! - the first one written in english and the first one with CD-R (also including enhanced session with site and pdfs). The layout of the fanzine was completed, the permissions to use the songs on the CD-R were obtained but none hit the streets. It all became too big and complicated to continue with.
This can be a taster to many bands. Midnight Call are completely unknown but extremely brilliant - they've only released two 7" singles and one track on a compilation - they are perhaps a good choice for future postings. Mão Morta are a 23 year old Portuguese distinctively cult band. Womb released two albums and then nothing. It's mentor and almost single member is now in Naevus. Fallen Apart explore the good old 80's gothic rock, they're perhaps more known but also with few releases. Passion Noire and The Shroud are perhaps more well-known and The Garden Of Delight need no introduction.

01 Womb - Cyan Circles Revolving
02 Womb - The Cry
03 Fallen Apart - Hey Friend
04 Fallen Apart - Out On The Streets
05 The Shroud - Day And Night
06 The Shroud - Pixy-led
07 Passion Noire - Don't Close Your Heart
08 Passion Noire - Warm You Up
09 The Garden Of Delight - Spiral Dance
10 The Garden Of Delight - Empire Of The Sun
11 Midnight Call - Sunshine
12 Midnight Call - Simple Silence
13 Mão Morta - E Se Depois
14 Mão Morta - Floresta Em Sonho

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]


Nothing (Important)

Rosetta Stone - Nothing maxiCD (1994)
[Minority/One Records CD MIN 101]

Rosetta Stone was one of the last great bands (Suspiria being the last one). They kept the real goth spirit but always reinventing and up to date. I was close to see them live once at the Infest Festival in Bedford (August 1998). I was in London and when I went to purchase a ticket I was informed they had cancelled their appearance. So I didn't attend neither. Two months later, at the Withby gothic weekend they announced the break-up. This last gig is also available on the net.
This first download post is of a 3"maxiCD that I was looking after for a long time. Eventually I did find it on eMule one month ago as a bin/cue file.
I think this is a brilliant way to start my posts. The title track is from their (at the time) postponed Hiding In Waiting album. They had problems with their label and there was a remixed reissue called Hiding In Waiting revised editon 1.1 shortly after.
Although the extra tracks are nothing important this release contains an otherwise unavailable cover of The Beatles' (Charles Manson) Helter Skelter and introduces us to what was to be the future of the band - Porl King doing remixes and covers for tribute albums. It comes coupled with yet another remix of Adrenaline and another of Nothing.

Porl King's site
Innactive site


1 Nothing (4:45)
2 Adrenaline (Again) (4:55)
3 Helter Skelter (4:38)
4 Nothing (Important) (4:43)

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]

Rape me like a child christened in blood


[wCY0701] is officially unbound

Here I hope to post more than once a week some music to download.

No specific genres, no pigeonholing. My taste dictates the picking. You may find gothic rock, darkwave, dark-folk, martial, industrial, electronic, synth-pop, coldwave, deathrock, ebm, shoegazing, punk, post-punk, new wave, positive punk, minimal, noise, and so on.

The first post will follow shortly.