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Creaming Jesus - Ditch Dweller V...The Story Continues EP (1991)
[Jungle Records JUNG 57CD]

This is also somewhat hard to find. For those of you who don't know Creaming Jesus, they were very popular amongst the goth crowd in the early nineties. Their style is something of a crossover goth/hardcore and it got them many fans with a string of EPs and the "too fat to run too stupid to hide" 1991 album and got (in)famous with their covers of The Cure's "A Forest" and Sisters' "Temple Of Love" [dubbed Temple Of Shite] which inspired quite a few laughs.

Creaming Jesus page at Jungle Records

1 Stray Toasters (2:41)
2 Temple Of Shite (8:46)
3 Skinny Head (For Ben + Flo) (2:37)
mp3 192kbps 13'58"

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20,17MB includes 5% recovery record
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Tuxedomon - Vapour Trails (2007)

[Crammed CBOY 1616]

This has just come out [September 07th]. I haven't seen it yet on other blogs and almost nowhere else online, for that matter, so I'm delivering it.
Tuxedomoon are the most european of any american band hence their uniqueness. They're celebrating 30 years this year (if you still don't know them what have you been up to?) with the release of a triple CD+DVD box set called "77o7 tm".
The three CD are this new album ["Vapour Trails"], a compilation of demos and live tracks 1977-1997 ["Unearthed: Lost Cords"] and a concert recorded in Portalegre (Portugal) on 16feb07 ["162o7 (39°N 7°W)"].
The 160min long DVD is called "Unearthed: Found Films" and comprises archive and unreleased material (1977-1988) including Ghost Sonata.
For more info visit: Crammed Records

official site

1 Muchos Colours (5:26)
2 Still Small Voice (5:26)
3 Kubrick (7:15)
4 Big Olive (6:25)
5 Dark Temple (7:07)
6 Dizzy (6:43)
7 Epso Meth Lama (9:11)
8 Wading Into Love (4:26)
mp3 128kbps total: 51'56"

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