Re-upload #1

Clockwork - Idolized By The Proles tape (1997)
[Chrome Yellow kCY701]

Due to a very special request. The Clockwork tape jumped its way up in the queue of re-uploadings. You can download it here.

Clockwork at TheGoldenAura.com


Far far far far deeper than you’ll ever know

link corrected

NFD - Deeper Visions (2008)
[Jungle Records FREUD CD097]

This is one month old.
I thought NFD would go places but apparently they won't. Here and there something glitters but when all they can do is a sub-metal sound they're heading towards collapse, really. Musical tastes aside, someone must tell them that road is crowded and someone must make a difference.


01 When The Sun Dies (3:50)
02 Move In Closer (5:21)
03 Let It Rain (5:57)
04 The Unforgiven (3:20)
05 Senses Alive (4:39)
06 Never Let This Die (6:14)
07 When The Sun Dies (Extreme Beat Mix Fragment) (5:23)
08 Caged (Enraged Mix) (4:19)
mp3; total:39'03"

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castrated and remixed

Kastrierte Philosophen - Toilet Queen 12"/CD (1989)

[Normal 105 (CD)]

This was very hard to get. I thought It would be much much easier and it took me many months to grab it.
My interest in this was the Andrew Eldrich remix of the title track but Kastrierte Philosophen have value on their own so go on and discover more music from the castrated philosophers.

get Nerves LP at CactusMouthInformer
get Between Shootings LP at CactusMouthInformer

01 Toilet Queen (4:03) (remixed by Andrew Eldritch)
02 Dragon Flies (Over Cyrenaika) (9:52)
03 One 4 Roses (4:44)
04 Maniac Mandrax Melkweg (2:00)

mp3 192kbps; total:21'08"

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The Death Of A Blogsman

R.I.P. Oceanico71

Due to threatening emails Oceanico71 will cease to be today.
Thank you for your dedication over the past months.


the Roli Mosimann link

The Young Gods - Knock On Wood (bonus DVD rip) (2008)

The digital samplers masters turned acoustic.
The CD proper can be found on many-a-blog on the net...


LIVE AT « MOODS » Zürich, december 18th, 2006
01. I'm the Drug
02. Gasoline Man
03. Speak Low (Nash/Weill)
04. Ghost Rider (Suicide)
05. Longue Route
06. She Rains
07. Everything in its right Place (Radiohead)
08. If Six was Nine (Hendrix, featuring Erika Stucky on vocal and first Sony)
09. outro
TAKE AWAY SHOWS - Paris, april 17th, 2007
10. Charlotte (recorded at the Centre Culturel Suisse)
11. I'm the Drug (recorded rue des Hospitalières)
12. Gasoline Man (recorded walking along rue des Rosiers)

mp3 ; total:60'50"

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The Efiggy Of St Theresa [UPDATED]

Adoration - Broken Sky (2006)


Adoration is an irish band born from This Burning Effigy... and comprising Stephen Carey (NFD), John Stone and Lee-Anne Burgess.
I don't know what this is but they've just released an album so this might be demos from it...
The artwork was done by someone in an excel worksheet (?) - included - from which I extracted a few jpegs - the image on this post was at the side but I liked it better than the chosen cover...
There isn't a order - I listed the tracks alphabetically.

UPDATE: This is actually the Broken Sky album so i'll upload the second part (4 more tracks)


follow the thief
never ending
question of honour
when it rains
movie life
same as it ever was
touch the water




die Knechtschaft dauert nur noch kurze Zeit!

Träume - Who Believes In Better Days? CDr (2003)
[Avatar666 cCY0801]

This is excellent, you don't know the band and I won't tell you nothing about them...
This is from my friend Vimaranes who's now in Archétypo 120.
I did the artwork ;-)


01 Intro - Die Fahne Hoch
02 We Shall Be Free
03 Grief
04 Just Like Ice (First Take)
05 Europa Ist Tot
06 Lament For A Dead Civilization
07 And Now We Live In A Better World...
08 Ó Morte Que Tanto Tardas, Ó Vida Que Tanto Duras!!!
09 A Cura III
10 Danse
11 Shapeless
12 Absynth
13 We All Shall Die
14 Portions Of Hell (Unfinished First Take) (bonus track)
15 Just Like Ice (Second Take) (bonus track)
16 Europa Ist Tot (Erst Tod) (bonus track)
17 Tomorrow (Rehearsal) (bonus track)
18 Portions Of Hell (Unfinished Second Take) (bonus track)

mp3 128kbps; total:79'45"

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
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request #5

Fallen Apart - Resistance Dependence Defeat (1996)
[F.A. CD 2/96]

This was requested by Stephane about one year ago... Sorry Stephane. I posted requests #2,#3 and #4 and nothing else but I have written down what you need and hopefully it will be up in the near future. Stephane got me the second Womb album and their split release with Naevus... Hopefully I can find the nerve to post those here too...
Fallen Apart had a great sound but apparently they couldn't make it... Most probably because they had serious jobs and were serious people to be climbing on someone else's back... I saw them live in 1998 in London, at the Sacrosanct Festival, talked a bit with Dirk and then interviewed them to the fanzine.
I haven't heard from them in years. Before they were Fallen Apart they were called Funeral Address. And besides this self-release they've also put out the Misreality EP and a split 7" with The House Of Usher.
I do have a 13track folder I found on the web with 4 songs not found on their releases [besides 4 from Funeral Address, 2 from this release and 3 from the Misreality EP]. One of those tracks is a version of The Mission's Wake... Should you ask nicely I can even switch those 2 tracks by the split 7" and the complete Misreality EP and post everything here...

www.fallenapart.de (no longer valid in March 2009)

01 Out On The Streets
02 Hey Friend
03 Never Ever
04 Dependence
05 Changes Do Last
mp3 192kbps; total:24'52"

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
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cable, coil, line, message, strand, telegram, telegraph, thread

I'm going to see them live in 24 hours time...
The album will be released on July 7th, 2008.

wire [wahyuhr]
noun, adjective, verb, wired, wir·ing.

1. a slender, stringlike piece or filament of relatively rigid or flexible metal, usually circular in section, manufactured in a great variety of diameters and metals depending on its application.
2. such pieces as a material.
3. a length of such material, consisting either of a single filament or of several filaments woven or twisted together and usually insulated with a dielectric material, used as a conductor of electricity.
4. a cross wire or a cross hair.
5. a barbed-wire fence.
6. a long wire or cable used in cable, telegraph, or telephone systems.
7. Nautical. a wire rope.
8. Informal.
a. a telegram.
b. the telegraphic system: to send a message by wire.
9. wires, a system of wires by which puppets are moved.
10. a metallic string of a musical instrument.
11. Underworld Slang. the member of a pickpocket team who picks the victim's pocket. Compare stall2 (def. 5).
12. Horse Racing. a wire stretched across and above the track at the finish line, under which the horses pass.
13. Ornithology. one of the extremely long, slender, wirelike filaments or shafts of the plumage of various birds.
14. a metal device for snaring rabbits and other small game.
15. Papermaking. the woven wire mesh over which the wet pulp is spread in a papermaking machine.
16. the wire, the telephone: There's someone on the wire for you.

17. made of wire; consisting of or constructed with wires.
18. resembling wire; wirelike.

–verb (used with object)
19. to furnish with wires.
20. to install an electric system of wiring in, as for lighting.
21. to fasten or bind with wire: He wired the halves together.
22. to put on a wire, as beads.
23. to send by telegraph, as a message: Please wire the money at once.
24. to send a telegraphic message to: She wired him to come at once.
25. to snare by means of a wire.
26. to equip with a hidden electronic device, as an eavesdropping device or an explosive.
27. to connect (a receiver, area, or building) to a television cable and other equipment so that cable television programs may be received.
28. Informal. to be closely connected or involved with: a law firm wired into political circles.
29. Informal. to prepare, equip, fix, or arrange to suit needs or goals: The sales force was wired for an all-out effort.
30. Croquet. to block (a ball) by placing it behind the wire of an arch.

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32. down to the wire, to the very last moment or the very end, as in a race or competition: The candidates campaigned down to the wire.
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34. under the wire, just within the limit or deadline; scarcely; barely: to get an application in under the wire.

[Origin: bef. 900; ME wir(e) (n.), OE wīr; c. LG wīr, ON vīra- wire, OHG wiara fine goldwork]

—Related forms
wir·a·ble, adjective
wirelike, adjective


01 One of Us
02 Circumspect
03 Mekon Headman
04 Perspex Icon
05 Four Long Years
06 Hard Currency
07 Patient Flees
08 Are You Ready?
09 All Fours

mp3 192kbps; total:34'58"

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Some Candy Wanting

The Raveonettes - You Want The Candy promoCDr (2008)
[Fierce Panda (no cat nr)]

A promo CD taken from their excellent album Lust, Lust Lust...


1 You Want The Candy (3:09)
2 Forever In Your Arms (2:53)

mp3 192kbps; total:06'03"

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
9,44MB RAR includes 5% recovery record


Second and Last and Nowhere

Gary Marx - Nineteen Ninety Five And Nowhere (2007)
[D-Monic d-m004]

I was looking for this since last fall when it was announced...
You should now Gary Marx... The Sisters Of Mercy founder together with Andrew Eldritch... (it was before Doktor Avalanche, mind you...). He left the Sisters after First And Last And Always and didn't even played at the Last Ever Gig (the one from Wake, R.A.H. 18jun85). He then went to form Ghost Dance with Anne Marie from Skeletal Family.
Apparently (and Gary explains it lengthy on his site), in 1995, Eldritch himself invited Gary to write some new stuff as a follow-up to FALAA... Gary then sent him some demos not hearing from him again...
A few time ago Gary dusted off the vaults and decided to finish the tracks with himself writing lyrics and providing vocals. Last year he remastered these songs and a french label released the album.
It would make (back in 1995) a nice way to get Eldritch back on record and would prevent us from suffering this big-thick-man-motorcycle-hard-rock-fm of the last 2/3 years...


01 Blindfold (3:39)
02 Default (3:13)
03 Idiot Nation (3:33)
04 1995 (3:47)
05 Open Season (3:34)
06 Dumb (4:16)
07 Black Eyes Faith (3:55)
08 Zapruder (3:06)
09 Sound And Sound (3:45)
10 Blood Moon (3:23)

mp3 ; total:36'07"

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
52,8 MB RAR includes 5% recovery record

imagem taken form Gary Marx's official site


Noise For Destruction

NFD - Break The Silence EP (2003)
[Jungle Records JUNG 067T]

Fields Of The Nephilim were great until they split in 1991. Then there were several different outfits that emerged from them but that never did nothing that I found worthy of a following. McCoy continued as a metal band in Nefilim, the other members formed Rubicon with a new, weird, vocalist, and then Last Rites. With the Fields reunion in 2000 nothing really changed because McCoy still wanted to pursuit the metal direction...
So... in 2002 when the "Fallen" album sessions ended in 2002, Tony Pettitt (Nephilim founder-bassist) put together a new band with drummer Simon Rippin (formerly of Sensorium, The Nefilim and Fields Of The Nephilim touring band), and Simon's former bandmate in Sensorium vocalist/guitarist Peter 'Bob' White. [Sensorium was formed when The Nefilim line-up fell apart in 1996]
Thus NFD (Noise For Destruction) was formed, comprising two other members for live apeearances. They still carry some of that Nephilim sound as you can experience with their debut release, this 3 track EP. Original Nephilim guitarist, Peter Yates, plays in one of the tracks (No Love Lost).
Enjoy and look for their new album (out now) called "Deeper Visions", which I was unable to hear yet.


01 Break The Silence
02 No Love Lost
03 Unleashed

mp3 128kbps; total: 17'09"

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
16,6 MB RAR includes 5% recovery record


Speciali! Che cosa fate?

Chris & Cosey - Pagan Tango (1991)
[ Play It Again Sam BIAS 179 LP]

I must confess that Throbbing Gristle never really did it for me. It must have been one of those cases in which you listen to something and you never want to hear anything else from that band ever again because you didn't like and think everything is like that. Even 20 years later you think the same and it can happen of hearing the same track and liking it.
Of course I recognized their importance, innovation and breaking through dareness in the history of music and especially their influence on bands I liked and praised and that even some of them dared into trails initially opened by TG.
I love some of its offsprings... Early Psychic TV, Coil and derived industrial bands and its incestuous dark-folk ramifications but I never really gave a chance to either TG nor to Chris & Cosey [formed by, if you don't know, half of TG's members, the couple comprised of Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti].
About 3 years ago I bought, for €0,20, a Chris & Cosey 12"EP (Take Five). I never listened to it because as I was always moving from place to place I never quite managed to organize my study/listening room as I wanted and didn't have a working turntable. I bought it because it was cheap and after all it was Chris & Cosey...
I finally listened to it about one month ago. In my new house I put a turntable to work and decided to listen to all the vinyl records I had not yet listened to (the music, not the vinyls...).
And the album blew my mind. I thought it was more than great or excellent.. I had to grab more of their stuff... And I downloaded perhaps all of their discography...
The next album I listened to was this 1991 release. "Pagan Tango" is the title and in itself reveals what's within.
After listening to the first few seconds I was bewitched again...
Take a peek and feel entranced too... now that Psychic TV and Throbbing Gristle are doing reunion tours... and Genesis P-Orridge is a full grown woman...


01 In Ecstasy (4:04)
02 Synaesthesia (5:20)
03 I Belong To Me (2:38)
04 Take Control (3:04)
05 Face To Face (3:01)
06 Feel To Me (4:04)
07 Go-Go Latino (3:19)
08 Sin (5:02)
09 Pagan Tango (4:05)
10 Cords Of Love (4:05)
11 Balfigore (Before The Feast) (3:04)
12 Sacred Silence (3:01)

mp3 192kbps; total: 45'25"

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
65,4MB RAR includes 5% recovery record

zShare or Sharebee? ...that is the question

I'm back in business and as I'll be having some free time in the near future, therefore you can expect some goodies (or not...).
I'm just trying to get a new host for the files as MediaFire is giving me many troubles...
I'll make some experiments with Sharebee and zShare as many people is using them.

I'll also try to reupload the old posts with 'broken' links. So rest assure everyone that wrote complaining/asking/begging/entreating... and never got an answer...

Next Saturday don't forget to shout: "Portugal, Portugal, Portugal"