Superagressive Loop Noise

[C.T.D.] - Neutron Star CD-R (2008)

[taken from their MySpace]
Project [C. T. D.] was created in 2008, influenced by japanoise artists, power electronics projects and some strange noises. We named our music End-Time Electronics and sounds like it. First cdr "Remains Of Deconstruction" limited to 26 copies is released on label Smell The Stench [Australia] and it contains only one long song "The Machine Is Bleeding To Death". Second cdr "First Harsh Work (Never Mind The Napalmed, Here's The [C. T. D.] Dedicated To MSBR)" limited to 70 copies, is also released on Smell The Stench and contains 5 songs. [C. T. D.] also appears on Split "We Dream Of Becoming Machines And Crushing Your Senses" along with Youth A.D. and Erekta... Other is future...
[C.T.D.] comprises Dr. Aleksandryuki Nenawasetsu & Dr. Mukawaraya Useitamuro

Their discography, so far, includes:
Remains Of Deconstruction 3" cdr (Smell The Stench) 2008
First Harsh Work (Never Mind The Napalmed, Here's The [C. T. D.] Dedicated To MSBR) cdr (Smell The Stench) 2008
We Dream Of Becoming Machines And Crushing Your Senses 3 way split cdr with Youth A.D. and Erekta (Smell The Stench) 2008
Neutron Star cdr (Zvukovina) 2008


01 Relativistic Jets
02 Bipolar Outflow (north)
03 Active Galactic Nuclei
04 Supermassive Black Hole
05 Bipolar Outflow (south)
06 Magnetospheric Eternally Collapsing Object
mp3 320kbps; total:53'18"

122 MB RAR


re-upload #6

Siglo XX - Live Sides LP (1984)
[Antler ANT 031-2]

This time I'm sharing 192kbps mp3 whereas some months ago I reencoded it and share it at a 128kbps bitrate for some reason...

bio and discog at SWerquin.net
bio and discog at The Belgian Pop & Rock Archives
MySpace tribute

[192kbps - 60'18"]

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Facas Em Sangue

Swans - I Am The Sun 7" (1997)
[Die Stadt DS12 / Überschall Records ÜS 97 1 / ??? FREE3]

Alex))) (whoever you are), this is for you...
Swans - One Of The Greatest... EVER...
1000 copies of this were issued nad the first 500 were numbered on red vinyl. It was released on occasion of the Swans concert in Bremen on 12mar97.
Cover art by Michael Gira. The back of the sleeve says that the recording was made on 12 March 1997 even though the title of the song says 1996.
The version of "My Buried Child" was taken directly from Jarboe's Sacrificial Cake - in fact, it even has a bit of the segue from the previous song.

official MySpace
M Gira @ MySpace
the angels of light
The Living Jarboe
Jarboe @ MySpace

A  I Am The Sun (Live Flesh Club 1996)
B  My Buried Child (Live VPRO Radio 1995)

mp3 320kbps; total:08'14"

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"My daddy was a butcher too..."

Anomoanon - Portland / This Is The Season 7" (1999)
[LowFly LF076]

Ned Oldham and friends. Pretty decent songs. And exclusives of this release.
Now I'll tell you why I can't scan... Because the brilliant minds behind Canon thought of a way of earning more money and instructed the machines not to scan while having empty cartridges...


A Portland
B This Is The Season
mp3 224kbps; total:04'56"

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9,72MB RAR includes 5% recovery record


Blue OJ

Blue Orange Juice - Spin Orbit - Interaction 7" (1997)
[Garagem GSP-01]

My scanner won't work until I buy a new cartridge... but I found this image on the net from some spanish guy who is selling this limited edition blue 7" vynil and thinks this band is from the States...
They WERE not. They were Portuguese. And sonic...
I'm not following any particular order. I'm browsing the collectio nand I stop at the first item I know for sure I don't have it in any way on a digital format.
When my printer let's me scan the cover I'll add a second link.

A1 Spin Orbit - Interaction
B1 Hammer Flower
B2 Gaseous Brains
mp3 224kbps; total:10'29"

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re-upload #5

Mehr Licht! compilation I 
unreleased CD-R with magazine (1999)
[Chrome Yellow cCY902]

192kbps mp3; total: 62'42"

re-uploaded [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
89,00MB (5% recovery record included)


The Creatures- 2nd Floor / Turn It On promo 12" (1998)
[Hydrogen Dukebox DUKE 044DJVP]

This ain't mine (ufff!). It's my girlfirend's... The "music" in it isn't of any value but there is an exclusive track and it has its own value being a promo item.
The AA side was later released on the U.S. Retrace compilation of Eraser Cuts EP and remixes from Anima Animus. So as it was too much time consuming for me to restore the sound of it I left all the clicks and pops in it... enjoy!
But as the remix on the A side is still unavailable elsewhere, I gave it a little treatment, for your listening pleasure...


A 2nd Floor (Girl Eats Boy's Back For More Mix)
AA Turn It On (Emperor Sly's Elemental Mix)
mp3 224kbps; total:15'26"

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re-upload #3

Escape With Romeo - Love Alchemy (2002)
[Zeitklang z003]
Escape With Romeo - Anteroom For Your Love CDs (2002)
[Zeitklang z002]

official site

re-uploaded [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
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Say: "thank you Mixter"!

The Creatures- Say promo 12" (1999)
[Hydrogen Dukebox DUKE 55DJV]

This ain't mine (ufff!). It's my girlfirend's... The "music" in it isn't of any value but there is an exclusive track and it has its own value being a promo item.
The A side was later released on the Hybrids compilation of remixes from Anima Animus and Eraser Cuts. But the remix on the flip is still unavailable elsewhere.


A Say (witchman's 4x4 mix)
B Thank You (dub pistol's bring you joy mix)
mp3 224kbps; total:15'18"

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24,10MB RAR includes 5% recovery record


re-upload #2

Clan Of Xymox - Portuguese Mosquitoes
Gaia, Hard Club 31oct2001 [PORTUGAL]

[Chrome Yellow cCY01001]

This was recorded by yours truly with a Sony MZ-R35 miniDisc walkman and a Sony ECM-DS70P stereo digital microphone



01 Stranger
02 Doubts
03 Jasmine And Rose
04 Liberty
05 A Day
06 Louise
07 Number 1
08 This World
09 Muscovite Mosquito
10 Michelle
11 Going Round '97
Out Of The Rain
Taste Of Medicine
Back Door
Cry In The Wind
mp3 256kbps; total:63'00"

I'm not 100% sure of the order in the encores.
Unfortunately, I had a problem recording the encores because I left the miniDisc switch on pause! So you won't enjoy the incridible Back Door... I'm not 100% sure of the order in the encores.

As I decided to keep this in its original mp3 backup bitrate and it takes more than the 100MB MediaFire allows for a single file, you have to download two files - the first one is the opening track and has no password...
Part One 13,94MB RAR
re-re-re-uploaded Part Two [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
96,80MB RAR includes 5% recovery record

and in the ABSENCE of a way of life...

Presence - In Wonder 12" (1991)
[Reality Records LOLX1]

Presence was a short lived project Lol Tolhurst formed after being kicked from The Cure in 1990. They released an album, "Inside". This 12" single was taken from that album as was "Act Of Faith". If anyone has that other single (7" or 12"), or "All I See", please help me ;-)
The vocals tried to mimic Robert Smith's and were courtesy of Gary Biddles. Gary Biddles used to follow The Cure around in 1982 and even sang on Forever sometimes, besides being part of Fools Dance, the band formed when Simon Gallup was away from The Cure between 1982 and 1985, along with Matthieu Hartley. Presence comprised other band members like Shelleyan Orphan's Roberto Soave on bass and Then Jericho's Chris Youdell on keyboards. Roberto Soave also played on The Associates alongside ex Cure bassist Michael Dempsey and when touring with Shelleyan Orphan supporting The Cure during The Prayer Tour in 1989 substituted Simon Gallup at least once (when the latter was ill).

A side run off groove etching: Wall Building.

A1 In Wonder
A2 Soft
B1 In Wonder (digeridub mix)
mp3 224kbps; total:16'24"


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24,88MB RAR includes 5% recovery record


Twilight Of The Gods

Götterdämmerung - Rubber Guerilla 7"EP (1998)
[UNdesire records] 

When I got this I doubted these were the same Götterdämmerung that had released the excellent A Body And A Birthmark album and Rearm EP. But unfortunately yes they were and I was fearing a promissing newcomer was lost.
As it turned out, this was a pathetic try to change the style of the band into more danceable and stupid rocking industrial and dance mixes.
I didn't like the sound but I kept the object because it was nicely presented in a white vynil with transparent blueprint paper cover. Oh, and the speed is 33 ⅓...


A1: Ruber Guerilla 1998
A2: About (live)
B1: Give It To Me (rescue service dance mix)
mp3 224kbps; total:14'04"

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22,9MB RAR includes 5% recovery record


Blue SS

Clockwork - Blue / Strawberry Star 7" (1995)
[LowFly LF071]

Here I begin my vynil rampage.
I will rip some vynils I own that I still don't have on mp3. This is the first because my friend Vimaranes is waiting for this for a long time and because it's one of the few things The Golden Aura is not sharing.
I didn't mind too much about the sound. Just removed an occasional click here and there.

Please go to Clockwork at The Golden Aura, where you can find full Clockwork albuns to download.

A: Blue
B: Strawberry Star
mp3 224kbps; total:10'49"

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22,5MB RAR includes 5% recovery record