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Clan Of Xymox - Heroes EP (18/05/2007)
[Pandaimonium Records Pan-64]

A little something from a once (with comebacks) great band, I picked up a few days ago from www.mp3db.ru

Here's the press release:

Ronny Moorings has reappeared after years out of the spotlight on a cover version that, as expected, showcases his talents. With "Heroes" he takes one of the classics in music history and gives it back to the fans, new and improved. The industrial version of the song is slow, almost melancholic - in other words, typical CLAN OF XYMOX - while the pop version of the original song is more of an homage to his time without the Clan. The first time Ronny performed the song was as a guest singer for PINK TURNS BLUE at Wave Gotik Treffen 2006. "On A Mission" is a brand new track, done in the best tradition of club hits such as “There’s No Tomorrow” or “Weak In My Knees”. This isn't the first time we've said it, and it won't be the last, but no other artist outside of Ronny can get modern Electro sounds out of a guitar for the Dancefloor scene and remain trend free. This is the reason for his longevity and his loyal fanbase. With “Be My Friend”, one of the most successful songs from the “Breaking Point” album comes in a single edit.



1. Heroes (slow industrial version)
2. On A Mission
3. Be My Friend (single version)
4. Heroes (pop version)
5. On A Mission (version)

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
38,2 MB (includes cover and 5% recovery record)

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