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dreimal im Peel-land

Xmal Deutschland - the other 3 peel sessions

The first band allowed a second coming and because of their name I foresee more appearances...
These are the three sessions Xmal Deutschland recorded for the late John Peel BBC Radio1 show, prior to the one [april 85] that got an official release.
Once again the quality is not the best but...

First Peel Session - recorded 25nov82
01_Incubus Succubus
04_Zinker (aka stummes kind)
Second Peel Session - recorded 22jun83
05_In Motion (¿ Träume ?)
Third Peel Session - recorded 11apr84
10_Tag Für Tag
total: 49'34" 192kbps

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73,9 MB includes 5% recovery record


Ikon - I Never Wanted You CDs (2004)
[Nile Records Australia NIL 014]

This is something I didn't know existed. So I thought: "I'll post it". This is in the vein of the later 'electro-trance-ghost in my head' Ikon era. It's worth comes from the yet another Death In June cover - Come Before Christ And Murder Love (after their earlier powerful rendition of Fall Apart).

Drown me with your sorrow
Taint me with your treason

To find your god is hollow
Brings death to all reason

Wolf grey adonis
A cruel life dawns
Curse me with obessiveness
Fultility and scorn

Moved to speak?
You made your choice
We had our chance
And lost our voice

Your alleyway, your terror
Glistens in dispair
Dead meat and error
The only crown I'll wear

From the ashes of liars
Grow the flowers of hope
From the steeples and spires
Hang each tear from a rope

Moved to speak?
You made your choice
We had our chance
And lost our voice

official site (¿outdated?)


1 I Never Wanted You (Version) (3:44)
2 Sinister (4:28)
3 Evil Ways (3:28)
4 Come Before Christ And Murder Love (3:10)
5 Psychic Vampire (Angelspit Remix) (3:48)
total: 19'11" - 192kbps

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Deutschland über Janice

Xmal Deutschland - Janice Long session 1986

Nothing needs to be said about Xmal Deutschland. Here's their 1986 Janice Long session. I've just got it. I've got no more details on the date. The sound is not good but it's better than nothing.

Sickle Moon
If Only
[mp3 192kbps]

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(RAR 22,6 MB includes 5% recovery record)


White No. 13 [100 ears]

Glenn Branca - Symphony No. 13 (Hallucination City: : Symphony for 100 Guitars)
Performed June 13, 2001 in New York City

I had to upload this to share with someone who asked me to because he couldn't find it anywhere else and my SoulSeek kept giving him errors. So I thought I should do a post about it.
I prefer not to write about Mr Branca because his work speaks for himself. For more than 30 years he's been trying to change the way to experience guitar listening. Many bands were sub-sub...subinfluenced by him. By this I mean that he influenced bands that in their turn influenced other bands which influenced many others. Thurston Moore and Lee Renaldo from Sonic Youth and Michael Gira (Swans) began their careers playing within his ensemble.
Just like Rhys Chatham he composes symphonies to be played by dozens (or hundred guitars).
On June 13th Glenn performed the world premiere of "Symphony #13 (Hallucination City)"for 100 guitars produced by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council as part of "EveningStars" at the former World Trade Center, originally commissioned by The Mission for the Year 2000, Paris. Glenn said "The piece was a resounding success and we got a standing ovation. At least that's what I'm told. I didn't notice."

for info on the 100 guitar players please refer to: www.glennbranca.com

Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3
Movement 4
(128 kbps 65'52")

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[59,05 MB]