Obsession Whispers Into The Dark Progress

Siglo XX - Live Sides LP (1984)
[Antler ANT 031-2]

This is another forgotten band. Their sound is exquisitely unique. Someone pins them to the french cold-wave but to me they sounded like Siglo XX... (as Clan Of Xymox sounded like Clan Of Xymox back in 1985, and like other bands did sound like themselves). Besides that they were Belgian.
Belgian people, in general, and artists in particular, tend to be very true to themselves thus achieving really singular works. That's why they were ripped off by the spanish in the past and masochistically use spanish words today.
Well, I don't know who ripped these Belgians but He did good...
This is a live LP recorded early in their career. We could say that, as it was recorded and released way before their major three albums: Flowers For The Rebels (1987); Fear And Desire (1988) and Under A Purple Sky (1989)
Together with "Siglo XX" (mLP) [Antler ANT 031-1], Live Sides makes up the 1984 'Double Album' (2xLP) [Antler ANT 031] - The 5 tracks from "Siglo XX" can be found on the 1987 "Antler Tracks I" compilation CD [Antler ANT 087].

bio and discog at SWerquin.net
bio and discog at The Belgian Pop & Rock Archives
MySpace tribute

Fools (Live In Amsterdam 03-02-84) (4:24)
Obsession (Live In Amsterdam 03-02-84) (4:18)
Whispers (Live In Beverlo 28-01-83) (4:40)
Room (Live In Sittard 11-11-83) (5:38)
Birds (Live In Leiden 16-01-82) (4:54)
Into The Dark (Live In Leiden 16-01-82) (3:50)
Progress (Live In Den Haag 08-01-82) (4:19)
The Beginning (Live In Sittard 11-11-83) (4:02)
The Art Of War (Live In Sittard 11-11-83) (3:19)
[128kbps - 60'18"]

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Volk Ju(n)gend

Archétypo 120 - Obsession
[promo CD]

I'm posting this at the request of my friend Vimaranes. It's a promo CD of his band. It's an advance of their album recorded by David Reis (In tempus / ex-Phantom Vision), last year in his studios on Quinta do Conde and produced by Pedro Morcego (Phantom Vision) at Batcave Studios, Amadora.
The band is three years old and comprises two members: Tó (programming, electric and portuguese guitars, bass) and Paulo Martins (lyrics, vocals, portuguese and electric guitars, percussion, some programming, backing vocals; bass). In this record they've had the help of David Reis (percussion) and Pedro Morcego (backing vocals, bass). Tó and Paulo's first band (Anomeos) played in the mythic portuguese venue Rock Rendez Vous in 1989.
They say their style is cold/darkwave even though their major influences could point various directions: The Cure, Fields Of The Nephilim, 4AD, The Chameleons, The Cure, early Ban, Sétima Legião, Joy Division, 4AD, The Cure, New Order, Clan Of Xymox, Death In June, The Cure, french cold wave, 4AD and Trás-os-Montes...
If this wasn't made by someone of my acquaintances I would post it even sooner (should I grab a recording) and would certainly say it was amazing...

Vimaranes @ MySpace

01_Angel's Fall 3'12"
02_Heartache And Death 4'43
encoded at 128kbps

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After complaints about Crocodile and myself verifying it was very confuse besides it took an eternity to upload 26MB, I decided to look for another file share host. I tried Badongo but it took an eternity as well and the Badongo Buddy crashed!
Now I discovered MediaFire. I was surprisingly pleased with the upload part. Please give me some feedback about the download side of it...
I will re-edit the Dream Disciples post to include the MediaFire share url.



This is not a proper post.
It's just about this band I've just discovered and about their site with stuff for download. Check out the media section for the Blacklist EP and a video and two live songs. Also check the EPK section for four more tracks (two of them produced by James Iha of Smashing Pumpkins fame).
Also check out in the stores their new EP Solidaire.

Blacklist official site
Blacklist @ MySpace


Burn These Apples

Dream Disciples - Veil Of Tears (1991)
[Darkcell Music]

Another record I was seeking for a long time. Of course that now that I heard it again it doesn't sound as good as it did 15 years ago (I don't listen to tapes anymore - they're all scattered beneath my bed at my parent's place). Back then this was the new goth. People were reinventing the genre and coming up with many different and interesting things. Now it's all metal...
Nevertheless it still sounds fresh as this trail (of fears, pun intended) was abruptely stopped and no-one nowadays knows this kind of sound.

01. Pray (4:42)
02. Crimson White (3:51)
03. Eternal (5:11)
04. Resting Place (5:40)
05. Lights (2:56)
06. Aradia (5:22)
total running time: 27'42

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Crocodile Fears

I got tired of the file deposit I used. It took me too much time to upload and I heard many people had trouble or it took too much time to download. I chose it because the files never expire there, but it's tiresome to use it.
So I'm experimenting with a new site which also leaves the files for a long time.


Songs From The Unclean Womb

Womb - Unclean CD (1999)
[self GFCD/001]

On my return to the posts I thought of something new back from 1999. It's eight-year old new stuff. It's so new it's called Womb, Greg Ferrari's single-minded goth project.
Greg Ferrari was a The Smiths' loving open-minded London goth who made music in his basement with his own electronic devices.
I heard the band (he, his friend Joanne Owen from Leisure Hive, and drum machine/sequancer/tapes) once in the 1998 edition of the Sacrosanct Festival. Despite annoyed with the abusive use of taped guitars (he played one but many other layers were there), I enjoyed their sound and posture in music.
This album came to my hand one year later and proved to be even better.
Greg released another album, "Spiteful Extractions", in 2001, which I'm still looking for [anyone?]
Greg and Joanne are now in Naevus, a well-known dark-folk band with their fifth full length album released last month.


Thirst Movement (1:23)
Dead Line (4:43)
A Nun Like You (4:22)
Pretty Face (Mental Case) (4:01)
Shut (5:31)
Cyan Circles Revolving (4:44)
La Mia Confessione (2:39)
What If And If Only (4:46)
Babies For Sale! (2:35)
Now That I've Paid For You (4:16)
Into My Mouth (4:42)
Scared (7:37)
Unclean (5:15)
The Cry (4:42)

Womb abbandoned site
Womb at MySpace
Naevus site
Naevus at MySpace

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unbound unwind

Hi there, you music blog seeking leeches.
I'm back and figuring out what to post.
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