Go Back To The Dark

Go there before it disappears
due out in March 2008

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Let's fall in churches far outside

I've created a new blog. It's called Forever or Forever Project.
Some 15 years ago when I was into tape trading I had this idea of compiling all the different versions of Forever (The Cure's live improv song) there were. Back then it was something difficult to do and to compile it analogically would deteriorate the sound already very bad. I don't remember if I ever did something about it...
Last monday something triggered my memories and I brought this project to life again.
At first it was just something I would compile. Then my friend Vimaranes said it would make a great post and two days later I realised it was too complicated to compile and choose from hundreds of versions. The best option was to create a blog and to post versions.
That's how The Forever Project Blog came to be...

Take Me To The Forever Project

I Can Too

Ikon - Scenes From Friends The Of The Dead (2006)
[Nile Records Nile Promo 2]

Nothing much can be found about this Ikon release on the web (except for an entry on synthpop.nnm.ru)
Edition of 100 copies. For promotional use on radio stations.
All songs written by Ikon. Produced by Chris McCarther & Adam Calaitzis.


01 Torn Apart 04:47
02 Without You 03:58
03 A Line On A Dark Day 04:08
04 Before The Dawn 04:05
05 Krista 03:23
mp3; total:20'17"

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
30,90 MB RAR includes 5% recovery record