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Rosetta Stone Undead

Rumour has it that Rosetta Stone reunited!!!
Several russian sites are spreading the word and starting demands on eventful for them to play near them.
Their myspace also mentions the petitions made on eventful.
So I started two demands also, for them to play in Portugal.
Se algum Português estiver a ler isto que não perca tempo e vá já pedir para os Rosetta Stone virem tocar a Lisboa e Porto:

Demand it!

Demand it!


Midnight Call

As promised, here's the post with Midnight Call.I became aware of this band's existence when I was a rookie in the net back in 1994. The internet itself was new to the general public and still confined within college grounds. In those days we used orange (or green) and black monocromatic monitors in an unix environment and a few programs. One was 'elm' which was an email client. The other was 'tin', to read newsgroups. In the newsgroups we learnt many musical updates and we could post whatever we wanted. I used to browse through alt.gothic or alt.music.alternative but there were other things like alt.music.lyrics or alt.zines and there were alt.binaries.something to get images and you could also go to ftp sites (through the unix command-line) and get stuff.People used to post lists for trading and at that time I still was into tape trading in which I was iniciated in 1990 and left when the mp3 came along (or shortly after). I once replied to a post of Sisters Of Mercy bootleg videos and at that time I was preparing the first issue of Mehr Licht! so I had a mention to it in my signature. That post was done by one Shawn Keve. He then told me he was the singer in this band, Midnight Call, and if he could send me the one single they had released so far.When he eventually send me the single they already had another one. Both were reviewed in the zine and I praised the band altogether but the b-side to the first one was the one track that captured all my senses. I thought they were going a long way. I kept playing the singles over and over and "Sunshine" always (and still does to this day) made me want to jump, dance, sing, mime the guitar parts, whatever... Here was a band that I had discovered from scratch and that made me feel the same as the ones I worshipped.
They've also contribut
ed with a song (Follow) to the Castle von Buhler 1996 'Soon' Aids Benefit CD, in which each band invited an artist to illustrate their page on the booklet.
The last time I talked to them was when I was planning the release of the
compilation CD to go along with issue #9 and asked them for permission to include two tracks. I wanted to put Sunshine and a new one and if they could send me something. They sent a demo CD-R with four tracks that they were working on to be released in their first album. This was in 1999.
The album was never released and I heard nothing else from them ever since. Their website didn't change either. I gue
ss they called it quits as they were desillusioned with the music medium and all the scenes and what happened in Boston, their hometown. They were so unique that they didn't fit in any scene and didn't want to belong to any lobby (which is what scenes are) either.
Download this and see if you feel the same as I do. And
if you like Midnight Call you can't buy their records but you can listen to this over and over. I think they would appreciate it.
Enjoy / Hear The Call

The Sea b/w Sunshine 7" 331/3rpm (1992)
[Idol Worship Music IDOL009]

A1 - The Sea
B1 - Sunshine

{transparent green vinyl
A side etchings: Shadows Fall Upon The Walls Of My Mind
B side etchings: When I Dream It's All In Black And White}

Perceive b/w I-22 7" 45rpm (1996)[Idol Worship Music IDOL011]

A1 - Perceive
B1 - I-22

{A side etchings: I'm Waiting}

1998 CD-R demo

1 - Wanted
2 - Simple Silence
3 - Outside
4 - Shadow's Fall

stagnated official site

download all three items [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
re/re/re/uploaded 08.III.2013


Another Ripped

Clockwork - Idolized By The Proles tape (1997)
[Chrome Yellow kCY701]

At Vimaranes request I'm posting this tape I compiled once of rare tracks from a band of some friends of mine. Their influences were mainly Sonic Youth and Spacemen 3 and they released 2 full length albums, one 7" and a split7" (as well as contributing tracks to compilations).
Following is the text I wrote when I first ripped the tape to mp3, back in 18jan2001.

This whole story began shortly after the released of their eponymous first album om March '97.
Susanói said they had so many good songs and others in very good versions never released for one reason or another...
We came to the conclusion it could be done and that it was a good and efficient birthday gift to Pastel.
Then I took it upon myself to undertake the task of compiling those songs...
Taborda (Chefe's brother and official repository of their work) had about half a dozen of tapes of theirs comprising live gigs as well as rehearsals and demos. I had three of their concerts on videotape. So it began from there...
My aim was to depict a different side to Clockwork, not available on what was released hitherto.
I managed to put together tracks that never left the rehearsal room, other only played live once, instrumental versions, one cover as well as brilliant live versions of well known but mis-achieved studio tracks.
The A(udio)-side was compiled with Taborda's tapes whereas the B(ideo)-side was taken from my videotapes.
Some songs had a lousy sound quality but what really mattered was the novelty, the freshness, the discovery, the magnificence of it and not so much the quality of the recordings.
The tapes were then recorded, as requests were made, on *Pixie's deck. Side A(udio) from my original compiled side and side B(ideo) from a compiled videotape. Tapes should not be SONY and MAXELL were the supported ones, for its length.
Then I needed to make a cover for the tape. I knew Tipo had some great photos taken at Aveiro the year before. He lent me the photos as well as another one taken by Lights at the launch of Clockwork's album.
I had to scan the photos at Esgar's, their label owner... He closed his eyes and said it was a good idea.
The cover was done using PageMaker, a desktop publishing tool I was already accostumed to.
The tape was 'released' under Chrome Yellow records, my own label, and given the catalogue number kCY 701.
I don't know how many copies were made. Maybe five, maybe six... Only 13 covers were made but I still have a few...
The title of this compilation was inspired on the fact that what we really liked about Clockwork was not depicted on their official releases...

Pastel got his gift more than a month in retard. But he liked and they all got surprised by the whole package and content ans well as the remembrance of some forgotten tracks.

This mp3 version has the same quality as the tape. I only passed the set through a Hum And Hiss removal parametric equalizer and three video tracks (Downtown, Revolution and She's So Cool) were a bit further equalized.

The tracklisting on the tape 'cover' has some incorrections. Here's the correct listing

Audio side {45'40"}
01 intro [1'14"]
02 Spiral Staircase (instrumental) [5'09"]
03 Cimar [5'03"]
04 slow [3'22"]
05 Exp. #2 [7'30"]
06 Won't You Guide Me? [5'38"]
07 Red Wish Girl [4'29"]
08 Exp. #4 [5'46"]
09 fast [2'22"]
10 Xerry (instrumental) [5'07"]

Bideo sideo {46'10"}
11 techno [1'38"]
12 Downtown [1'47"]
13 Spacemen Sonic [9'07"]
14 Red Wish Girl [3'57"]
15 Strawberry Star [5'25"]
16 Revolution [8'29"]
17 She's So Cool [4'17"]
18 Exp. #2 [11'30"]

live tracks were recorded at:
Porto, Palha D'Aço 1998 - 03
Póvoa, Diana Bar 31dec98 - 06;07 (reveillon)
Póvoa, Enseada 22mar97 - 11;13 (first album launch gig)
Póvoa, Tenda 15apr95 - 12;16;17 (Cais Do Rock '95 - 1st)
Póvoa, Tenda 05apr96 - 14;15;18 (Cais Do Rock '96 - 2nd)

Revolution is a Spacemen 3 cover

Clockwork line-up:
Pastel: vox; gtr
Osga: gtr; vox
Chefe: bx
Xarroko: drm; kbd
Pulga: kbd; perc

T.R.T.: 91'50"
encoded at 128kbps
size(mp3 only): 84,2 MB (88.302.656 bytes)



Altered Posts

Dronning Maud Land - Alteration MCD (1994) [Glasnost Records]

Ok, just something to keep the momentum until I find something more interesting to post.
This is also a record that I was looking for some time. It's worth for what it means and for what it meant. And I listened a lot to it when it was released.
I hear the band is still going on these days.

official site

01 Cry For Happy (altered version)
02 Spirits
03 Chains For Fear
04 Roses For Margie (live at Zwischenfall)

download [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]