the ruskies are coming

Tuxedomoon - Seismic Riffs

DVD (2004)
[Crammed Discs DVDTUX1]

A documentary about the making of the 'Cabin In The Sky" CD. Included are live performances and studio footage.

If you want this, get it at torrents.ru (needs registration and respect for a ratio after 5GB download count)
And it's in russian...

1 Cagli Five-O
2 Baron Brown
3 Diario Di Un Egoista
4 Luther Blisset
5 A Home Away
6 Desire
7 Loneliness
8 Litebulb Overkill
9 Volo Vivace
10 The Waltz
11 Nur Al-Hajj
12 Incubus (Live At Hurrah's, 1981)
13 Blue Suit (Live At Hurrah's, 1981)
14 Cagli Five-O (Audio Only)
15 Misty Blue (Audio Only)

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