Midnight Call

As promised, here's the post with Midnight Call.I became aware of this band's existence when I was a rookie in the net back in 1994. The internet itself was new to the general public and still confined within college grounds. In those days we used orange (or green) and black monocromatic monitors in an unix environment and a few programs. One was 'elm' which was an email client. The other was 'tin', to read newsgroups. In the newsgroups we learnt many musical updates and we could post whatever we wanted. I used to browse through alt.gothic or alt.music.alternative but there were other things like alt.music.lyrics or alt.zines and there were alt.binaries.something to get images and you could also go to ftp sites (through the unix command-line) and get stuff.People used to post lists for trading and at that time I still was into tape trading in which I was iniciated in 1990 and left when the mp3 came along (or shortly after). I once replied to a post of Sisters Of Mercy bootleg videos and at that time I was preparing the first issue of Mehr Licht! so I had a mention to it in my signature. That post was done by one Shawn Keve. He then told me he was the singer in this band, Midnight Call, and if he could send me the one single they had released so far.When he eventually send me the single they already had another one. Both were reviewed in the zine and I praised the band altogether but the b-side to the first one was the one track that captured all my senses. I thought they were going a long way. I kept playing the singles over and over and "Sunshine" always (and still does to this day) made me want to jump, dance, sing, mime the guitar parts, whatever... Here was a band that I had discovered from scratch and that made me feel the same as the ones I worshipped.
They've also contribut
ed with a song (Follow) to the Castle von Buhler 1996 'Soon' Aids Benefit CD, in which each band invited an artist to illustrate their page on the booklet.
The last time I talked to them was when I was planning the release of the
compilation CD to go along with issue #9 and asked them for permission to include two tracks. I wanted to put Sunshine and a new one and if they could send me something. They sent a demo CD-R with four tracks that they were working on to be released in their first album. This was in 1999.
The album was never released and I heard nothing else from them ever since. Their website didn't change either. I gue
ss they called it quits as they were desillusioned with the music medium and all the scenes and what happened in Boston, their hometown. They were so unique that they didn't fit in any scene and didn't want to belong to any lobby (which is what scenes are) either.
Download this and see if you feel the same as I do. And
if you like Midnight Call you can't buy their records but you can listen to this over and over. I think they would appreciate it.
Enjoy / Hear The Call

The Sea b/w Sunshine 7" 331/3rpm (1992)
[Idol Worship Music IDOL009]

A1 - The Sea
B1 - Sunshine

{transparent green vinyl
A side etchings: Shadows Fall Upon The Walls Of My Mind
B side etchings: When I Dream It's All In Black And White}

Perceive b/w I-22 7" 45rpm (1996)[Idol Worship Music IDOL011]

A1 - Perceive
B1 - I-22

{A side etchings: I'm Waiting}

1998 CD-R demo

1 - Wanted
2 - Simple Silence
3 - Outside
4 - Shadow's Fall

stagnated official site

download all three items [PWD=mehrlichtunbound.blogspot.com]
re/re/re/uploaded 08.III.2013


Vozes Distantes said...

One of the best bands to ever come out of the USA! How come they were so neglected by public and media??? Time will honour them as my heart and soul did since I first came across them in the late 90's!
For me "The Sea/Sunshine" is hand in hand with "Charlotte Sometimes" or "Love Will Tear Us Apart". A true classic masterpiece! Excellent post! Thanks Mehrlicht!

Conde de Lautreamont said...

Thanks so much for the adding, Mehrlicht!

ultra 5000 said...

Fantastic post! It's great to see this up here; I have a one of their seven inches from way back, but like many nowadays I don't have a working turntable.

My band played a bunch of shows with Midnight Call in the early 90s, and I was always impressed with their atmospheric songs and the sharp-looking print shirts they wore on stage.

Shawn said...

What a completely amazing and flattering series of comments to find about our band. I think we may just have to send out some 'newer' tracks for those who appreciate them so much.

Perhaps we'll even find a way to produce some new material either collectively or individually. (not sure what that would sound like these days).

Thanks very much for all of the completely flattering support. We've had some random inquiries lately for our material and we're not quite sure where they're coming from (perhaps from interesting 'zines like Mehr Licht!).

Shawn Keve

Ron P. said...

I was lucky enough to be living in Boston in the early '90s and had the immense pleasure of seeing Midnight Call live a bunch of times. Truly one of the best bands to come of of this city! They had this 4-track cassette they would sell at shows that was just brilliant. It had The Sea and Sunshine on one side, but I cannot remember the other side, and in the 15+ years since, I've managed to lose it.

I've noticed that you've posted Shawn, do you guys have your stuff on MP3 or AAC, or anything still lying around? (Please tell me yes!)

Glad to hear there are other people out there who are still interested in these songs!

-- Ron

cromulent said...

I once read a review of "The Sea"/"Sunshine" that said words to the effect of "it scares me how much I love this song." I can't put it any better myself.

I first heard Midnight Call about 13 years ago, right after the Soon compilation came out. I saw that they were performing at this little hole in the wall across from North Station in Boston, so on a whim I went to see the show. I just stood there transfixed through the entire set as I was blasted with these rich, lush melodies weaving in and out of each other, unlike anything I had ever heard before. After the show, I bought a copy of their four-song tape (with "The Sea" and "Sunshine" on one side, and "Moving Circles" and "Myself" on the other) headed home in the snow, then stayed up until about 4:00 a.m. listening to it over and over again...then played it constantly in my Walkman for months. Every listen would send shivers up my spine and reveal some new detail I hadn't noticed before.

I think I saw them every time they performed from that point on. I'd buy copies of the tapes at shows and give them away to anyone I knew who I thought would appreciate them...anything to share the magic. Unfortunately their shows became and more infrequent...the last one I heard was I think in 1999. I never knew what happened; I just figured real life started getting too much in the way.

I haven't listened to that tape in years--my tape deck broke, the tape had started to develop a nasty background hiss, and I wanted to try and keep the sound from degrading any further before I could figure out a way to digitize it. But those songs still have the same power over me they did years ago. Every now and then some artist comes along whose music gives me the same sense of goosebumps--VNV Nation's "Beloved," or various Lisa Gerrard songs--but no band has ever done so as consistently as Midnight Call.

So thank you so much for this post! I had heard all these songs live years and years ago, but I wasn't aware of the existence of the demo CD. Christmas came a month early this year, and it's the best Christmas ever! :)

mehrlicht said...

It's always a pleasure to deliver to you great bands as it is to know how much some unknown great bands were/are loved and as it is to listen to them.

mehrlicht said...

Shawn, the file was downloaded 199 times hitherto.

Anonymous said...

Can reuplod this great band again plz?

Hemi said...

please opload again

soe said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mehrlicht said...

There's no need Soe, the files are here for download.
And I do not aprove that what I ripped and shared and Midnight Call gave to the world is subject to a "please, please, please" request to a thrd party.

Therefore I deleted your link.

Mistress Hyde said...

One of the best things I have heard the last 10 years or so. Thank you very much. I hope that you will not mind if I put a link of the video and write about that in my blog.
Pity we can not buy this piece of art. I feel exactly the same as you when I listen to the "Sea" song.
Thanks again!

frankie teardrop said...

any chance you can reupload this one? would love to hear the second single/demo.

mehrlicht said...

re/re/uploaded 08.III.2013