re-upload #4

Midnight Call

The Sea b/w Sunshine 7" 331/3rpm (1992)
[Idol Worship Music IDOL009]

A1 - The Sea
B1 - Sunshine

{transparent green vinyl
A side etchings: Shadows Fall Upon The Walls Of My Mind
B side etchings: When I Dream It's All In Black And White}

Perceive b/w I-22 7" 45rpm (1996)[Idol Worship Music IDOL011]

A1 - Perceive
B1 - I-22

{A side etchings: I'm Waiting}

1998 CD-R demo
1 - Wanted
2 - Simple Silence
3 - Outside
4 - Shadow's Fall

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mySpace (my deed)

download all three items (re-re-re-upload 08.III.2013)
35,5MB (includes 5% recovery)


mehrlicht said...

11feb2010 22h39 file checked everything fine

Mistress Hyde said...

Excellent! Thank you so much!
I simply adore them!

Andi said...

Vielen, vielen Dank. :))

Ich hatte es fast schon aufgegeben, den Song zu bekommen.